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Straight Pipe Adapter

Straight Pipe Adapter

We have a solution for all of you that have an 1 1/2" inlet that does not have threads. These pools just have a bare  1 1/2" PVC pipe that returns the water to the pool. With a few simple pieces of PVC you can now attach your Beluga Solar Pool Heating Device. You will need to purchase a "Pipe Extender" and a "Female Adapter" therse parts simple push together to create an adapter. You can add silicone to secure the connection further.

Check out our video for further information

Traditional Setup


Here is a traditional setup on an in-ground and an above ground pool. Remeber it is important to keep the hose level with the top of the pool. The Beluga is not made to push water to a height greater than 3 feet. It is not important to have the hose coiled neatly by your pool but for the hose to be in the SUN! 

Inground and Above ground setup