By Debbie on May 20, 2015 via Amazon.com

Love this...it's working really well. I need more hose, but I made a coil with 100 feet of black hose, & it's working really well!
So it's August, and it's still working really well. My pool is still 82 degrees, with 4 black hoses! I love this and highly recommend it.


This gadget is perfect for boosting the pool temp in the spring; we added two black rubber garden hoses and ran them around the pool deck which gets super-hot from the sun. The water that comes out is unbelievably warm and without burning fossil fuel. It is made of plastic so don't think it will last long but the design is brilliant; just screw it into one of the jet outlets. When the temp rises in early summer it can be stored and the hose used in the yard. I would highly recommend this.


Very inexpensive pool heater. Need direct sun light and 200 feet of black hose to work effectively. I'm satisfied.

By Red Barnman on July 17, 2015 via Amazon.com

I have used it for three days and it is working really well. I attached 275 feet of garden hose to it and the outside temperature was 83 degrees and the water coming out of the hose and into the pool was 107 degrees. I am not sure how long before I see a difference in the pool water temperature. I am happy with the product only downside would be the bulkiness of the garden hose. I would recommend this product.

By Pat Biddle on July 18, 2015 via Amazon.com

I was a skeptic, but easy to install and does work

By Amazon Customer on July 13, 2015 via Amazon.com

Works perfect with my 24 foot above ground pool!!

By Scott Youghn on April 24, 2015 via Amazon.com

Great product, shipped fast! I've been looking for a way to send water from my pool into a fountain that runs back into the pool, without adding a new pump to pump it into the fountain... This worked like a charm! Heating is secondary to my purpose, but do love the fact that this is also warming the water at the same time.

By Tracy Webster on May 26, 2015 via Amazon.com

The Beluga warms the water well without any additional electricity or strain on the pump.

By M. D. Connelly on June 30, 2015 via Amazon.com

Nice poor-man's approach to heating your pool. I recommend at least a 100' long black hose that stays in the sun most of the time for this to make any difference. It is plastic and if not careful, the dark blue front can easily pop-off if the pressure is too great. But it's also easy to pop back on.

By Kiki on June 28, 2015 via Amazon.com

It works really well so far, it raised the temp. In the pool 4 degrees in one day, I still use a solar cover at night, but so far so good. Now if we could only get a week of sunny weather my pool will be sooooo warm!

By DOYLE C on July 17, 2015 via Amazon.com

Really helped heat our pool!

By tmb414 on June 8, 2013 via intheswim.com

Awesome Heater - Just received my Beluga today. Cold water goes in and hot comes out. Simple. And if a leak happens we just replace the hose.

By MJJ65 on August 15, 2015 via intheswim.com

Better than expected - I have had this working all summer and it does an excellent job. It kept our pool warm (typically cools 1-2 deg/night w/ cover only - cold here at night) and comfortable. We attached 125' of black rubber hose, coiled it, and it worked wonderfully.

By Justdeb on April 18, 2015 via intheswim.com

Love it! - I bought this Beluga about a week ago, and love it. I only have it attached to 2- 50' garden hoses and it is raising my water temperature 2 degrees per day. We have a lot of shade, so it's really a great idea! All I did was coil the hoses on the ground and run the Beluga! Absolutely love this idea!!!

By John Andrist on June 21, 2015 via Facebook

Thanks to the Beluga, my in laws pool is 78 degrees and beautiful. The water coming from the garden hose is 90+ degrees! Thank you for such a developing such a good product, I give it 5 of 5 stars.

By Joyl on August 18,2014 via intheswim.com

So simple and easy to set up. I wish I would have thought of this. Great for a pool with shade.

By Natalie on August 7,2014 via Facebook

Our pool jumped up to 70 in one day. We have two black hoses zipped tied to the top of the pool. Easy to install, turn on and off.

By Catsy57 on July 17, 2014 via intheswim.com

It works very well! What a great idea! It's so easy to hook up and use. It had no effect on my pump or filter. On a bright sunny day my pool water was 76 degrees and the water returning to the pool using the Beluga and 100 foot of black hose was 83 degrees! It works very well. Well worth the money!

By Glenn V. on July 2, 2014 via email

I have a 24 foot round above ground pool. Unfortunately it is in a very shaded area of my yard.
The water temperature in my pool rarely gets to 80 degrees even in late July or August.
This year we put the Beluga Solar Heater on and in 7 days raised the water temperature from 66 degrees to 78 degrees.
It has been mostly cloudy and rained here several times over the last 2 weeks and we have maintained 82 degrees water temperature in the pool.
My kids are in the pool every day. Thank you Beluga,

By Mike H. on May 20, 2014 via email

The Beluga device is fantastic! It changed my pool temperature by 10 degrees in one day. This thing really works.

By Terri on May 21, 2014 via email

I just received Beluga today. Cold water goes in and hot comes out. It is so simple. And if we ever have a leak we just replace our hose. I wanted to give a big thumb up to belugapool.com customer service. Our questions were answered quickly before we placed order and after. Customer service is so important.

By Amazon Customer on May 8, 2013 via amazon.com

This product works great, if you own a pool then you should buy this heater! Cheapest and easiest way to heat a swimming pool!!!

By Tom June 23, 2013 via email

Don, water coming out of the hose is 97 degrees. I ran the pool heater twice about a week ago. My pool temperature is 86 degrees. Beluga is the best heating device ever.

By Diana July 23, 2013 via email

The BELUGA is the best pool heater ever! I was so excited when I received my BELUGA. It was so easy to install. In no time my pool went from 70 degrees to 80's and even 90's (which I love). I have told everyone who owns or knows someone who owns a pool about BELUGA. Why pay high heating cost to heat your pool when you can use the sun and the BELUGA.